Sports gambling column: Week 23

Last week, for the first time in my life, I took advantage of live betting odds. I had barely sat down on my couch to watch the North Carolina (UNC) vs Duke game when about 30 seconds into the game, Duke forward Zion Williamson (probably the most talented NBA prospect since LeBron James) fell to the floor as his foot burst through the bottom of his shoe. Watching it live, I assumed the worst for him, because it really did look like a serious injury. Being the degenerate gambler that I am, I immediately rushed over to my computer to find the live betting odds on the game and put $10 on the UNC money line, which I was able to get at +175 odds. Immediately after Williamson’s injury, UNC started slicing up the Duke defense with accurate passes and high-percentage shots around the rim. Once the ESPN telecast confirmed that Williamson wouldn’t play for the rest of the game, I started to get my hopes up. Watching UNC open up a 30-17 lead with about six minutes left in the first half, I was sitting pretty. Duke started to storm back to close the half, but UNC’s great offensive gameplan (attacking the rim in the halfcourt and running in transition) and offensive rebounding made their lead stay comfortable, as then-top-ranked Duke fell to its biggest rival by 16 points at home. It was the most comfortable win I’ve had on a bet since the Michigan-Ohio State game.

Yesterday, there were some fun props about the situation surrounding Patriots owner Robert Kraft (not really a joking matter), but Bovada must have wanted to avoid any scrutiny because they took them off before I had a chance to bet on any of them.

March Madness is coming soon, so I think I’m going to hold off on betting this week in anticipation of that, which will be a great time for sports gambling.


Money spent to date: $240

Winnings to date: $197.99