‘Sway’ this way for some awesome Thai fusion food

If you are a Thai food lover and constantly on the lookout for a new place to fit your craving, Sway is definitely the place to go. Sway is a Thai fusion restaurant on 1417 South 1st Street that provides a relaxing dimly lit setting with community seating, making it a good place to eat with friends. Valet parking is offered as well. The menu presents you with an array of delicious Thai fusion dishes. Although a little pricey, Sway is definitely worth the visit.

Sway is the place to go if you feel like eating things out of your comfort zone. Every single dish is packed with rich flavors and spices, and I have yet to be let down by anything there. If you are having a hard time deciding what to order, I recommend the “Son In Law.” This dish includes a bowl of rice, paired with a crispy egg and braised pork shoulder, and it costs $18. The Son In Law is priced about average compared with other entrees on the menu, and it is the most recommended dish by customers, including me.

If you are open to different flavors, I also suggest complementing your meal with “Drinking Vinegar.” It might sound crazy and maybe a little unappetizing, but I got it once, and I continue to get it every time I go. Drinking Vinegar (which is basically kombucha) comes in two different flavors: strawberry basil and turmeric. Both are amazing.

Sway is definitely on top of hiring the right staff members because the waiters know how to keep a customer satisfied, and they do it well. They always know what to recommend if you are conflicted. Almost as soon as you order drinks they arrive, and I have never waited more than 10-15 minutes for the food to get to the table. On top of that, the wait staff members are so cool and easy to talk to that you almost forget they have other tables to serve because you feel like the center of attention at all times.

Overall I highly recommend Sway if you are a Thai food lover or have a passion for trying new things. Even though the price point is a little up there, Sway stands out among other downtown lunch and dinner restaurants because of the beautiful ambiance and the amazing food and service.