Taco Sweets food truck delights

Taco Sweets is a food truck that is gaining attention due to the funky and weird treats they sell: ice cream tacos. Insider featured it, and The Thrillists called it “One of the best foods in Austin,” giving it the image of goodness and fun. This produces the question: Does it really live up to all the hype?

The food truck is located at 5000 Burnet Road north of downtown. I wandered in with my brother at 1:30 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon, however it ended up opening one hour after what was advertised. When it opened, we were the first, and only people there. However, the comfortable, almost park-like setting contributed to the cute, food truck setup, with colorful umbrellas that hang over four-sided benches.

The menu had a variety of choices with around eight already put-together choices, and the build-your-own choice which left creation to imagination. We decided to get, “The Cookie Monster,” a hard shell waffle taco with cookies ‘n cream ice cream, Captain Crunch cereal, Reese’s syrup, and a chocolate chip cookie to top it all off. It was one of the sweetest desserts I’ve probably ever had, but was perfect to split. The Bluebell ice cream was amazing, and perfect for a hot day.

The service there was phenomenal. After about three minutes and around $8 spent, my brother and I got our order. The $8 was for one taco, but it easily could be split between multiple friends.

All in all, it was just like your average ice-cream shop experience except with the addition of a waffle taco shell. It was definitely over-hyped, but the good quality and fun air make up for it. I think Taco Sweets would definitely be a great place to grab a dessert with friends and hang around, with major perks because of its location in a spacious outdoor parking lot with four to five other food/dessert trucks, which is great for a friend group that is looking for different types of food that come with variety and are fast, easy and inexpensive. Taco Sweets is open Tuesdays through Fridays from five to nine and on Saturdays from one to nine.