The importance of voting in the midterm elections

In just under a month, the nation will face the midterm elections. As high school students, we often wonder, “Should I even care about politics?” But as much as we think we don’t have a voice, we certainly do. That’s why this midterm election is so important.

The senatorial election is the most important of these midterms. Texans have become familiar with the name Beto O’Rourke, whose close race against Ted Cruz has been receiving national press. O’Rourke, a progressive democrat, is running for senator against the republican incumbent Cruz. His charismatic character has unexpectedly swept Texas democrats off their feet. Some are even saying that O’Rourke has the power to create a blue wave across Texas. But, why does that matter for teens? Well, here’s the rundown. If Texas, one of the most conservative states in America, elects a liberal democrat for senator, things will change. What happens in Texas often has far-reaching impact on the national political climate. If you’re unhappy with the agenda of our country right now — like many already are — O’Rourke could be a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to fixing the nation.

So, you might be asking, why are you hyping this guy up so much? Maybe it’s the little politician in me that’s advocating for him, but really, it’s because I care. I’ve been to two of his rallies, one back in March and one in August. It was practically miserable outside, and the sun was beating down on the crowd of Beto supporters, but nobody seemed to care. Everyone was entranced by his words and involved in the conversation. Beto’s campaign has been focused on running a grassroots movement, traveling to all 254 counties in the state of Texas. Beto is focused on helping everyone in the state, even the young people. Following the anti-gun violence movement of earlier this year, young people have been gaining more of a voice in politics. We must elect politicians who hear our voice, and Beto O’Rourke is one of them.

It’s a pivotal time in our country — a time when every election matters, no matter how local. If Beto’s agenda isn’t your style, even if it’s the complete opposite, voting for who you support is incredibly important. If you’re 18, vote! If you’re not yet 18, get educated on politics and start understanding what your stances are. From a young activist’s point of view, we all have the power to change the world. But you don’t have to go to every rally, protest or town hall to make that change. You just have to use your voice. And in this country, sometimes a ballot is a very powerful voice.