What to expect: Chaps to battle Lake Travis

Going into every Westlake football season, there’s always one game that is circled on everyone’s calendars, one game that stands out. You guessed it, it’s the Lake Travis game. With Westlake finally winning last season, ending a 10-year skid against the Cavaliers, the game holds even more weight than it did before. Can LT reclaim the throne, or will the Chaps defend Ebbie Neptune once again? You never really know, but here are a few things that we could be seeing on the field Friday night.

What to expect: A low-scoring game

It seems crazy to think that such prolific offenses like Westlake and Lake Travis’ wouldn’t put up big numbers on the scoreboard like they have been all season long, but let’s not forget the defenses are just as good. The Chaps have shut their opponents in the last three games, and LT haven’t allowed more than 21 points in a game.  Like last season, where the game ended 21-14, there might not be as much scoring as some would anticipate.

What not to expect: A successful run game

The Chaps’ running game this season has been much better than we thought it was going to be, with running back senior Tripp Graham filling the starting role. Last year, however, star running back Nakia Watson was kept relatively in check against LT, so things on the ground probably won’t go as planned for Westlake.

What to expect: A close game

Yes, over the last ten years the rivalry has been one-sided, but last year’s matchup proved that we really don’t know whether the game will be a blow out or not. The game was right down to the wire last year, and we’ve got a feeling it will be the same case this year.

What not to expect: Third-string players  in the game

The Chaps’ backups have seen a lot of playing time in the last few games, especially at the running back and wide receiver positions. If this game is close, don’t expect there to be much rotation and head coach Todd Dodge will want to have his best players on the field at all times.

Score prediction:

Adam: Westlake 14-24 Lake Travis

Jake: Westlake 21-36 Lake Travis