What to expect: Red-hot varsity football takes on Lehman

It’s been two straight weeks of domination for Westlake, having outscored Akins and Austin High 124-0 in total. Now, the Chaps travel to Lehman to face the Lobos, who they soundly defeated 56-7 last year.  

What to expect: Lots and lots of scoring

124 points in two weeks speaks for itself. The Chaps have been prolific on offense ever since the Cy-Ranch loss. There’s going to be a lot of scoreboard changes for Westlake. That’s about it.

What not to expect: The exact same game plan

While head coach Todd Dodge is very disciplined when it comes to his game plan, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for him to try some new plays in a game that might not be as close as others. Experimentation could be put to good use, mainly on offense, where new plays are crucial in avoiding monotony.  

What to expect: Three-and-outs for Lehman

One of the things the Westlake defense is best at is shutting down drives early. This will probably be the case, as the Chaps haven’t allowed a point in two weeks. Austin High didn’t convert many of their fourth down tries last week, so even if Lehman does go for it, it won’t be easy to get first downs.

What not to expect: A long game

As the season goes on, Dodge will be looking to minimize the workload for players in order to avoid fatigue and injury. The best way to do this is keep the games short, and by running the ball a lot, Dodge can achieve this.

Score predictions:

Adam: 66-7

Jake: 70-3