Beginner surfer hones skills at surf park

Summer is just around the corner which means long, hot days full of free time to explore the Austin area. It’s the perfect time to try new things and form new hobbies. Nland Surf Park is the perfect desert oasis to try something new: surfing. The park is centered around a large wave-pool with a 50-foot wavefoil in the center, bringing waves to the countryside.

The park has something for everyone. The east side of the wavefoil features the bay waves, perfect for beginners trying to perfect their technique. The west side is the inside wave, better for intermediate surfers who are ready for the next level. And last but not least, the reef, which forms a 6-7 foot wave with a 30-second ride time — the ideal wave for experienced surfers.

The first time I walked into the surf park, my jaw dropped. I was stunned that it was real. A park in the middle of Texas where you can surf like your ripping some waves in California. I knew it was gonna be my new hangout.

I went into the experience a total beginner when it came to surfing. I had only touched a board once before. I found it was fairly easy to catch a wave, which made the entire experience much less stressful. Without being any good at surfing, I still got to experience the feeling of surfing in my hometown.

The employees were understanding and helpful. They made sure the experience was smooth sailing, keeping everyone safe while in the lagoon. I never had a moment I thought someone would hit me with their board. They were also very energetic and fun to connect with, making my time there more positive.

The park has a long walkway through the center, so after my hour session I took a stroll. I got to watch the pro-surfers shred the reef and take some amazing pictures to document the trip. The surf park also has a restaurant, which offers tacos, burger, chicken tenders and sushi, so I decided to have dinner there. It might have just been how hungry I was, but the food was astounding. Perfect after hours of exercise.

Being the only place near Austin to surf, the price is on the higher side. But if surfing is one of your passions, the cost will be a small price to pay for the entire experience.

Now, I’ve been to the park four times and I’m not going to stop anytime soon. All because of Nland, surfing has become one of my new hobbies, making Nland my new home.