‘Infinity War’ delivers high action … maybe too much


The new Avengers film “Infinity War” was this year’s most anticipated film, and not surprisingly so. The film is one big collaboration of nearly all the Marvel universe characters, something that many figured couldn’t be done.

The movie is centered around one antagonist, Thanos, and his genocidal quest to kill off half of mankind. To be completely honest, his reasoning for such an extreme plan is not clear. The movie explains that he does so to “protect” the population by minimizing them so there’s less hunger. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Anyway, his ultimate goal is to obtain all of the infinity stones so he can complete the genocide. The infinity stones are these super powerful gems that contain the six aspects of living; space, reality, time, soul, power and mind. Several of the Marvel characters are in possession of these stones, which causes the intertwining of storylines.

The movie is definitely good, I enjoyed it, but I had some issues with it. First off, a majority of the film was just action fighting, which honestly what else could you expect from a big superhero movie. But it quickly got very tiring to watch, and by the end of its two hour and 45-minute runtime, I was exhausted. The violence is pretty overdone and at first slightly engaging, but after the millionth fight between who even knows anymore, I was pretty done.

Secondly, the movie seemed to rely heavily on the surprise ending. Had the ending not been so out of tune with the rest of the Marvel movies, it would’ve been a waste of time to watch. Which just makes the film feel kind of hollow, like what you’re watching doesn’t necessarily mean much because it’s just filler for something else.

Despite these issues, the movie definitely did well with weaving all the Marvel storylines, which didn’t seem easy. The characters were able to coexist without it feeling forced. I never could’ve expected Guardians of the Galaxy to mix well with Iron Man, but they did without any awkwardness.

I also was very impressed with the development of their antagonist. Even though his intentions were a little blurry, his character was crystal clear. He had depth and internal distraught, which made him much more interesting in the storyline.

Overall, the movie is well made and it did what it was supposed to do: create a lead-up to the second film. But they could’ve done the same job without so much meaningless fighting that took up 95 percent of the runtime. But, it did make me very excited to see what’s to come in the next film. Only one year to wait.