Nick Colletti: Westlake students’ hero


Oct. 9, 2017: The best day of my life. The day started like any other. I woke up, took a shower, went to school, ate some dinner, did some homework, just relaxed a little bit. I was getting ready for bed, when suddenly a feeling came over me. I knew I had to stay up late. I’m the kind of girl who values a good night’s rest, so this almost never happens to me. I am almost always asleep by 10 o’clock. For some reason, deep in my heart, I knew I needed to stay awake. It paid off big time.


9:25– At this point I was winding down. I had already watched an episode of “Criminal Minds,” and I was growing more tired as the time went on. I started answering my texts and Snapchats to see if anyone would start a conversation to keep me awake. Nothing. Everyone was at an event or doing homework or already asleep. I was getting in bed for the final time when I got a text from my friend in all caps saying “GUESS WHAT?”.


9:45 — Finally, some excitement. I responded immediately with an enthusiastic “WHAT?”. He was saying things like “The video is here!”, and “You’ve waited months for this!”. I had absolutely forgotten that a few months earlier, the same friend asked me if he should get a video shoutout from Nick Colletti. Of course I told him he should do it while he still had a chance, but I wanted to be a part of the shoutout. He said of course I would be featured. I thought that conversation was very casual, and he wasn’t actually going to get a video of my favorite comedian talking to me. So when he finally texted me “THE NICK COLLETTI VIDEO,” I lost it. I was freaking out, borderline yodeling in my room.


9:48 — This was it. This was the moment I will never forget. The moment that I received the link. A link that wouldn’t mean much to most, but to me, this link was the highlight of my year. I clicked with caution. What if I had hyped it up in my head? What if he doesn’t even say anything good? What if..? The page was done loading. It was my time to watch the video. I took a quick breath and I listened. “Vivian… Hadley…” So much better than I expected. He wished me an awesome October and told me to follow my dreams. A fantastic message from a fantastic human.


9:50 — After watching the video a few times and calling everyone I knew to tell them to watch it, I had to thank the person who made it all possible. I texted my friend what I think is about 1,000 times and told him he made my year. To this day I owe him my life.