The flu affects Westlake students

All across the United States, an influenza (flu) epidemic is causing students and adults to have to stay home from school and jobs. In Texas, the death toll for flu victims is more than 4,000 for 2018, according to

“About 10-15 students came into my office within the last 48 hours,” nurse Cindy Seferian said.

The symptoms consist of sore throat, cough, congestion, headache, body aches and sometimes fever, according to Seferian.  For some people it can last up to two weeks.

“You constantly have the chills and are fatigued,” freshman Jackson Deaton said. “It lasted five long and tough days. If I had to describe the flu in one word, I would say awful.”

One way to avoid getting sick is by cleaning surfaces such as countertops, sinks, showers, baths, etc. using disinfectant wipes.

“Wash hands often, cover coughs and sneezes and refrain from touching facial region,” Seferian said. “If you feel like you are getting sick, stay home.”

There are medicines that can help to relieve the flu symptoms such as Tamiflu.

“I took Mucinex and it helped a lot,” Jackson said.

According to statistics from World-Health-Organization, out of 302,596 people tested for the flu, 98,068 of them came back positive with the flu. 54,142 were positive for flu type A, and 43,926 were positive for type B of the flu.

“Personally it can be scary because I don’t know if I should still be acting in a preventative way,” MAPS teacher Katherine Lieske said.