Streep, Hanks give thrilling performance in “The Post”


Famously known for directing movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws and E.T., Steven Spielberg’s stunning new film The Post hit theaters Jan. 12. Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep work together to give a wonderful performance of how, after discovering massive government secrets, they risk their careers with The Washington Post to reveal the truth. Although it’s not an action film, the movie leaves the audience in suspense through the compelling plot and dramatic relationships.

The drama tells the important story of American journalism, history and politics set in the summer of 1971. After confidential files about the Vietnam War are stolen from the Pentagon, they’re released to different papers, starting with The New York Times. After some hesitation, The New York Times publishes the story, creating havoc for the government and competing papers, including The Washington Post.

Streep, starring as elegant and intelligent Katharine Graham, is the conservative owner of The Washington Post, which had belonged to her father. She is faced with many reoccurring and difficult decisions about how it should be run. Editor of The Washington Post Ben Bradlee, played by Hanks, is determined to turn their paper from a local news source to one of national prominence. Throughout the film, the two characters remain very close, and both actors are able to connect with the audience to tell a thrilling and thoughtful story.

The Post requires your full attention as you watch to better understand the very detailed and intricate plot. The film starts off very repetitive with its choice of shots and predictable storyline, but manages to even out for an intriguing and captivating movie. With some of these issues still relevant today, the film shows how important and critical freedom of the press really is. Nominated for multiple academy awards, The Post is both a very powerful and charming film deserving of your watch.