Born for the Spotlight

The dance department showcased its annual fall performance, Spotlight, Nov. 7. All levels put on a show free of charge. This performance featured soloists such as First Lieutenant junior Caroline Cullers and Captain senior Alex Goodell.

The Hyline directors, Lauren Smith and Lindsay Joe, choreograph the intricate routines that are set on stage. Smith has been teaching dance at Westlake for four years, while Joe has been teaching 10 years.

“We thought it was amazing,” Joe said. “We were so proud of all of the students and thought they did an amazing job.”

The dancers worked on their choreography for months, practicing both in the gym and on the stage. According to the students, a lot of blood, sweat and (sometimes) tears go into perfecting every move.

“It was so fun,” freshman Avenly Rose said. “I’m really glad that we rehearsed so much on the actual stage; it really helped our spacing.”

One of the themes included “Stranger Things” performed by the Funky Company. This routine was a hip hop dance that gained the crowd’s applause. Dance three-four choreographed their own contemporary dance to “Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson.

“I really like the choreography,” Avenly said. “All of the solos were beautifully done.”

Caroline and junior Regina Navarro stole the show with their many solos featuring tumbling.

“I’ve been dancing since I was five,” Caroline said. “I used to dance just because it’s something my parents threw me into when I was little, but now I do it because it’s my way of relieving my stress.”