Post-finals feeling

The time has come for finals to rear their ugly heads once again. The stress begins to build as the tests come closer and closer. You tremble with fear not knowing if you’re prepared or not. The harder you work, the more reward you’ll get. You sit down and start the test, thinking back to all the lessons and past tests you’ve taken, and begin to fill out the exam.

Once you finish bubbling your last answer on your answer document, you’re filled with excitement and joy like a balloon about to pop — you realize that the time has come for another year to end. You get up from your desk and hand your test to your teacher who, in return, gives you a smile, and you know that you’ve done it. Then you realize that all the studying and hard work are over for now, and you get a sense of relief knowing that for the next few months you don’t have to stress over school.

Suddenly the bell rings, and its sound resembles that of victory and wedding bells that chime with happiness and joy, causing you to grin from ear to ear. You gather your belongings and head out the door, exiting the school with the other students who have finished and know that they have done their best just like you.

Gone are the days of lugging around a backpack filled with what can only be described as bricks — now it gets stored in a closet, not to be thought about for a few months. Finally it’s time to have fun, let loose and just relax, because you’ve earned it. If you are a senior, you have a new path to take, filled with new adventures around every turn, but you will never forget the memories you’ve made in the halls and in the classes. For everyone else, take the time to enjoy your break, because after all the hard work and effort put in, you’ve earned some you-time.