Relay for Life overview

Relay for Life, an event run by the American Cancer Society, raises money to fight cancer around the world. Donations are put towards cancer research, patient support programs, education about cancer and treatment programs. The Relay for Life of Westlake took place at the Chap Stadium 6-midnight May 6. By the end of the night, the event had raised $61,121.

“I thought it was definitely a success,” freshman Tori Fredell said. “There was a lot of
spirit, and people were really excited to raise money.”

Students form teams which then solicit donations from family, friends or anyone else. The teams must have someone walking the track at all times, but they can also enjoy free food and
listen to the speeches by cancer survivors.

“[Being on a team] makes the event a lot more exciting,” Tori said. “When you have a big team, everyone is constantly getting on the others to fundraise, nobody was ever bored because there was so much to do, and just walking around the track was plenty entertaining because we could enjoy each other’s presence.”

Towards the end of the event, there is a ceremony to honor cancer survivors,
anyone still fighting cancer, and people who have died from it. A cancer survivor
makes a speech, and everyone at the event walks a lap in silence.

“During the ceremony, they take these little white bags that have been decorated with
the names of people affected by cancer and place them around the track,” Tori said.
“It’s completely dark except for light coming from candles placed inside the bags.
People walk around the track in silence to honor everyone. It’s really emotional, and
amazing to hear the speaker talk about their experience with the disease.”

Raising money for this event has had a huge impact on the cancer research and the people affected by cancer.

“It’s a really good feeling,” Tori said. “I have quite a few people very close to me that are cancer
Survivors. Knowing that the money is going to help other people get
through it is really great.”