Varsity tennis wins in its fourth tournament

Varsity tennis had their fourth tournament, The Unicorn Open, on March 3-4. In the end, the Chaps won the tournament by a healthy margin, which was a big confidence booster. Most of their points were in girls singles and boys doubles, leading to a solid victory.


Coach Kim Riley attributes the success so far to the good chemistry the tennis team has developed.


“This team is so united,” Riley said. “As a coach, I can’t force [the players] to be friends, and I can’t force [them] to like each other. The unity only happens through good leadership from the seniors.”


While in the first semester players were scored as a team, they will be scored individually this semester.


“I like the independence,” freshman Matthew Gavrilov said. “When I play soccer or other team sports [I] have to depend on other people. Maybe another person will screw up. In tennis, it’s all you, so you focus more on yourself.”


Although Matthew didn’t play in the tournament, he’s been very active in tennis ever since arriving in August of last year. He has to sacrifice his lunch for an off period at the end of the day where he works on his game. He credits his good performances in past tournaments to the coaches.


“The coaches being tough on you makes you better,” Matthew said. “You actually try moving your feet and putting in the work.”


With only three more tournaments until District, there isn’t much time left to make changes. The tournament will be held at the UT Intramural Courts on April 4-5. Riley especially thinks the team’s chemistry will be important going into the playoffs, but she remains uncertain on how it’s going to turn out.


“We’re going to need a little luck on our side come April 4,” Riley said. “It’s going to be tough.”