Varsity boys soccer hosts Lake Travis

Boys varsity soccer recently hosted the Lake Travis Cavaliers Feb. 24. The game ended in a 1-2 loss that had the crowd on the edge of their seats the entire game. Coach John Campbell addressed the result.


“We are frustrated, very frustrated.” Campbell said. “At times we were dangerous, and the last part of the second half we lost our connection a little bit, and they took advantage of that. It’s tough to lose like that.”

ended a tie. It’s frustrating, especially when we give up a pointless foul like that.”


Despite being able to compete with a top team in the state of Texas, Campbell still feels that there is room to enhance their skill.


“I think our passing has improved, our shape has improved, but we still have a lot of work to do,” Campbell said. “We have to pick up the pace more, especially against teams like this who press us when we have the ball.”


It was neck and neck the entire game until just 14 minutes after halftime, when Lake Travis netted a goal to take the lead. Just a few minutes after the first goal, Westlake equalized with a finish from winger Landon Vladyka into the bottom right corner.


The game was rising in intensity after the equalizer. Westlake had plenty of chances to pull ahead, but they could not manage to take the lead. Westlake’s motivation seemed to slowly decline towards the end of the game.


“We need to be aggressive for 80 minutes, not just for bursts of two or three minutes,” Campbell said.


Then, with just two minutes remaining, Westlake conceded when Lake Travis scored off of a deflected free kick.


“I never really felt like we were in danger,” Campbell said. “I felt like when we tied it up, it would stay that way. I was hoping that we could get another one, but I would’ve been happy had it ended in a draw.”


With the regular season coming to a close, the playoffs are coming up. They are still hoping to get second place after the tough loss.

“We still have three or four District games left.” Campbell said. “It’s really tight, and I think [the loss] hurts our chances of winning District.”