Logan cuts through competition

Logan cuts through competition

Logan is the third and most brutal Wolverine film. In Logan, Wolverine is a worn-down old man, who works as a limo driver. In the opening scene he kills multiple gangsters trying to take his car’s hubcaps after they shoot him point blank with a shotgun. The scene shows the audience this movie deserves the R rating. The scars on his body are evidence that he can no longer heal himself as well as he could when he was younger.


As I said, Logan is without a doubt the most brutal Wolverine. So if you’re like me and love gory fight scenes, this is a must see. But don’t think this movie is all fight and no emotion, Logan also has some great scenes showing a strong bond beginning to form between Logan and Laura (X-23). Laura is the 23rd attempt to clone Logan’s powers, and first successful subject.


I’m so glad this movie got the R rating, because it allowed the creators to show this dark world. Charles has Alzheimer’s, as well as seizures that makes him freeze other people. Although this used to be a useful tool for Charles, now it is quite dangerous.


Although he is quite dangerous, Logan is not the one to be most feared in this movie. Laura is around 11, so obviously her powers are much stronger. She heals pretty much immediately and doesn’t seem to have much empathy in the beginning. In her first fight scene she needlessly beheads an opponent and rolls it to his comrades.


All in all, if you like gory fight scenes and strong character base, you’ll love Logan. It’s the best Wolverine movie and probably the best X-men movie, too. It has great characters you wouldn’t expect to see and emotions you wouldn’t expect from Wolverine. This is a must see for any Marvel fan.