What athletes versus non-athletes eat


Junior Xavier Napoliello

Football (O-Line)-

In football how does nutritious eating help you achieve your goals on the field?

  • “As a football player, nutrition is very important. Your body is a high-performance machine that needs premium fuel. If you eat junk all day, you should expect to look and feel sluggish on the field. But with the right foods you can be looking your best.”

What things do you add to your diet to gain more muscle mass and strength while working out?

  • “Consuming protein is a must if you want to make gains. Watching TV and pounding donuts is not gonna help you achieve your goal. Basically the way protein works is it gives your body the building blocks it needs to get bigger with the right diet and exercise. I usually have two to three protein shakes a day — right when I wake up, after I lift or practice and before I go to bed. This is not the only way I’m getting protein of course. You can’t sub out real food for protein shakes, so you should still be eating lots of protein. So on a regular basis I eat a lot of chicken, any kind of greens and small amount of rice as grains or whatever my mom cooks.”

How does a good, nutritious diet, along with rigorous workouts, affect your life?

  • “Since I’ve changed my diet, I can really see and feel the results. I wake up feeling better, I can focus more and I’m stronger and faster than I’ve ever been. It is important to me because there was a time when I was in terrible shape, and I don’t want to go back to that. My perspective has changed because of this, and I feel like I have to always increase my gains. Having a healthier body has led to a clearer mind and making my grades better. Having this lifestyle means a lot to me. It’s something I can work for every day and strive for. Trying to be the best me I can be.”