ASL Club to deliver roses, carnations on Valentine’s Day

Continuing their annual Valentine’s Day tradition, the American Sign Language Club will be selling flowers up until Feb. 10. Next week, members will deliver the flowers on Valentine’s Day to the recipients during their second, third, sixth and seventh period classes. Club members are currently selling them in both the NGC and the Commons every day before school from 7:45 to 8:30 a.m. as well as during fourth and fifth lunches.


Purchase options include carnations for $2, roses for $3, a bouquet of carnations for $15 and a bouquet of roses for $25. Along with every purchase, the customer can state if they’d like their name on it or if they’d like to remain anonymous. In addition to this, there is an optional note that can be attached with the flowers. Each ASL student then spends time putting the flowers and notes together and making sure they are delivered to the right location Tuesday, Feb. 14.


Overall, ASL Club members find the annual tradition to be a positive experience, allowing them to better their communication skills and handle money in the process. It is also a rewarding experience, watching students and staff members’ faces light up with joy when they receive a special gift on Valentine’s Day.


“I really, really enjoy it,” junior Emily Jones said. “It’s just really fun getting to see all the different people buying flowers — parents buying flowers for their kids, students [buying flowers] for teachers.”


Not only does this event benefit students around the school, but it also helps fundraise for various causes the club participates in.

“We are trying to raise money to sponsor the Halloween party we have each year for children from Texas School for the Deaf,” ASL teacher Gary Stein said. “We have deaf guest speakers come and talk to our classes so we pay for them to come here.”