Sherlock fan expresses disappointment over new season

Sherlock fan expresses disappointment over new season

After three years of waiting, Sherlock is finally back, but was the wait really worth it? No, no it was not.


For some reason, season four focuses on Sherlock’s character, but the problem with that is the fact that we already know his character. He is a “high functioning sociopath” who doesn’t care about human emotion, but instead, the adrenaline of solving a case. For some reason, this season tries to make him a soft person who suddenly gains the ability to sympathize with other people, and it just does not work. The creators of this show have been spending three seasons developing his character, and making a drastic change like this feels like a slap in the face.


Fortunately, everything else other than the character change is normal. The acting is great, just like it has always been. The scenes are shot beautifully, and it is just more Sherlock. And that’s all it is. It’s nothing revolutionary, and not much has been added to the Sherlock story. Now that I got all of that done, time to start a mini-rant.


After the ending of season three, you probably expected Moriarty to be the main villain. Sorry to disappoint you, but this season has nothing to do with him. I am not even exaggerating — the first scene of this season talks about him and nothing else after that. If you were like me, and you wanted all of your questions about Moriarty to be answered, you will be severely let down.


Surprisingly, the best episode is the second episode of the season. Most of the time, these are the episodes that feel like filler: they never really fit into the plot of the episodes before and after it. That is why I mostly don’t like the middle episode of each season, but this time, it’s the only one that feels right. It brings back normal Sherlock to solve an abnormal case, which is what the show has always been about. I don’t know why they dropped the ball on the other two episodes.