The three best TV shows on Netflix for your holiday viewing

In my opinion the three best TV series on Netflix for 2016 are Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story. I think that these are the best shows because of their addictiveness and the great acting. Stranger Things is about a little girl named  Eleven. Three kids stumble upon her while looking for their friend who went missing, and the four of them set out on a journey to find their lost friend. This show combines mystery and horror to make for a good car ride show to keep you awake (not while driving).


The next show, The Walking Dead, has been around for awhile. The first episode premiered on Oct. 31, 2010. If you haven’t gotten into this show yet, I highly recommend it. You should start watching it either over the summer or during Christmas break because it is a highly addictive show. The entire series is more than 100 hours long, so that could really ruin your grades. This show is about an apocalypse around the world and focuses on a group that has to survive in terrible environments, fighting against “walkers” and even some humans. This show is set in america mostly around Atlanta, some of the main characters are Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon.



The last TV show on this list is American Horror Story. This show, like its name, is about many different  American horror stories. This show does not get boring at all — each season (which is different) has some of the same actors returning to play different roles which is really fun to watch. Like The Walking Dead it is super addicting, and I would also recommend watching it over the break. Some characters are based on real people, and some are not. In the season Hotel, a real character by the name of James Patrick March played by Evan Peters was a real serial killer in the 1890’s. The season hotel is about a haunted hotel with vampires and ghosts and old women terrorizing the guests.