Band goes to the Rosebowl

The countdown to New Year’s has started, and the band is almost finished preparing for its performance in the Tournament of Roses Parade Jan 2. The football field and parking lot have been the sites for many hours of parade-style marching where the band members have learned to make tight turns, stay in line and follow the drumline to stay in beat.

“I am extremely honored to be able to participate in such a great event and to know all of our practice wasn’t for nothing,” senior Emma Cranford said.

Being in the band means devoting a lot of time and effort toward the performances and practices.

“The band is hard and I thought of giving up multiple times, but I am glad I did not because now I get to march in a great parade with some of the best friends I ever made,” sophomore Alan Rawalt said.

“While we were practicing the first turn of the [routine for the] Rose Parade, which is hard because it is a 105 degree turn, I saw a freshman who was struggling,” junior Spencer Register said. “Instead of just letting it slide I showed him his mistake and helped him fix it.”

“All of our flag routines are spotless now and will look amazing during the parade,” sophomore EVE member Samantha Williams said.

In addition to marching five-and-a-half miles for the Rose Parade, the band will also join Mickey Mouse and friends for the daily Disney parade through Disneyland in Anaheim.