Freshman discusses ending of Gilmore girls revival

Spoiler alert!!!! Do Not Read If You Haven’t Seen Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life came out Nov. 25, on Netflix, so you can watch it as much or as little as you want at a time. Even though I finished it on the day it came out, I still think about it. If you have not watched the original Gilmore Girls and you don’t know the characters, you most likely won’t understand this.

There are many events and debates to cover in this four-episode series, but frankly I could go on for so long that no one would read what I have to say. Instead, I’m going to discuss the most important part: the ending.

Again, and I cannot stress this enough, do not read this if you don’t want to know the ending.

All right, let’s begin. Everyone has been buzzing about the last two words — “I’m pregnant.” These are the words that shocked every Gilmore Girls fan to the core. These last two words reveal so much more than Rory being pregnant. If you go back a little into the series, you’ll see the undeniable similarities between Lorelai’s and Rory’s lives. Let’s start off with when Lorelai first had Rory. She got pregnant with Christopher’s baby. Christopher, the rich party-type boyfriend that she couldn’t shake, is much like Logan, the father of Rory’s baby, who happens to be very rich and very unable to be tied down. Rory still goes back to him in London after their breakup and after their graduation. This ties together more things then it seems. In the fall episode, Rory goes to her father’s office to ask for really suspicious advice about raising kids. According to my theory, it was because she knew Christopher and Logan are so similar she wanted to know how to go about her problems with Logan raising her baby.

OK, now back to Lorelei. She could never seem to quit Christopher — that is until she found Luke and married him. Now if my theory is correct, that Rory is going through the same patterns of Lorelei’s life, Rory will go back to Logan a couple of times, only to find her true love: Jess. Now this part is a little debatable, and I apologize that it can be biased considering I’m team Jess. (I know a lot of people disagree.) Yet you can’t deny that Luke and Jess are similar, and Lorelei and Rory are definitely similar. Not to mention Lorelei’s mother never liked Luke until they were very serious, and the same goes for Jess and Rory’s relationship.

Not only that, throughout the revival all three of Rory’s main guys show up. Logan comes back and was only with Rory as a fling in England or for an epic party. Dean comes back for a little bit, but he’s moved on with a wife and kids, so you know there’s nothing there. Jess was always there for Rory after all these years.

The theory is just a theory for the public to ponder whether or not Rory and Jess will end up together. I personally enjoyed the ending, especially since she might have ended up with Jess. This revival was full of great memories in the show, and heartfelt family moments, all together this show made me genuinely happy. I am also in no way saying this is how it ends, but it could be a possibility. Now go and share your new knowledge with friends, and maybe start a healthy debate.