Student discusses displeasure about debates and other election issues

It’s hard to put one’s thoughts of this election into words. Some of what has happened is just depressing. We are holding elections for the highest political office in the United States, and our selections include: a brash, inconsiderate — or offensive — businessman and a sneaky, untrustworthy former Secretary of State.

Just take a look at the debates. Each got harder and harder to watch, although they did add fuel to Saturday Night Live’s humorous parodies. On one side was Trump, trying but failing to stick to one train of thought, or one shred of coherent policy past that of “Jobs are leaving for Mexico and China.” Then there was Clinton, with her slightly irritating mannerisms, her too-broad smile and a sense of entitlement. But, who can blame her — the opposition is crashing and burning, smoothing her rocky path to the White House.

There is really a never-ending stream of depressing events coming out of the election. For example, the “locker-room talk” and subsequent accusations against Trump for assault on women. Trump’s comments and alleged actions are inexcusable. They turned an already struggling campaign into a nosedive. It’s no wonder that Trump polls unfavorably among women.

When we look at the debates, we also see how the focus is turned more on personal issues and attacks than on policy. We want to hear the policies of our next president. We need to be reminded of the issues on their personal side, but to focus so much on those issues detracts from what we need to hear — where and how they will lead the country. That’s what I wanted to know. And I was disappointed. While we heard where Clinton wants to go on some issues, we heard much less substance from Trump.

Then there is this weird dynamic where Clinton almost sounds to the right of Trump on a couple of issues. For example, she genuinely sounds more hawkish on foreign policy than he does. But that just goes to showcase the upside-down election.

The mud-slinging, personal attacks, the baggage both candidates ended up bringing with them to the debates, and the overall absurdity of how they represent America’s core beliefs is truly depressing. We can only look to 2020.