The Twisting of Reality

Filled with mystery, like a nesting doll within the story. This is how I like to describe We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. This book kept catching my eye whenever I would walk by the shelves at bookstores and libraries, but for some reason I never stopped and picked it up. So recently when I was looking for a book to read on Amazon, We Were Liars popped up, and I decided to buy it. When I finally sat down to read it, I expected it to be a typical young adult book with the same romantic drama and predictable characters, but it turned out to be the exact opposite.

We Were Liars takes place on Cadence Eastman Sinclair’s family’s private island Beechwood, off the coast of Massachusetts. Everyone who looks at the Sinclairs considers them to be the epitome of perfect. They’re all attractive, wealthy and charming. But that’s the view from people on the outside looking in. Cadence sees what her family is really like. She sees that their attractiveness only makes them think that they’re better than everyone else. She see’s that her family’s money has only caused them to be greedy and she sees them smile and then frown a second later when no one is looking. Cadence and her family gather on Beechwood every summer, where Cadence and her cousins stick together. They see how their family really is and they hate it,  so one summer they decide to do something about it.

This book is hauntingly beautiful to read — it’s like poetry. I love this book because it’s real and not filled with cliches. It shows that being rich and beautiful isn’t the key to happiness, but that being with the people who love you and accept you is. There are also so many genres represented in this book that really anyone would enjoy it. It has suspense, romance, drama, tragedy, and so many more that could be used to describe this book. But the best part of the book is the mystery. There are so many plot twists, and when you finally think you know what’s going on and you’ve solved the mystery, you realize you were way off, and another twist happens. I read this book in one sitting. Reading it was almost uncomfortable because there was something that was so off. I suggest this book to anyone who wants to think and have their mind and emotions challenged.