Why YouTube is better than television

Imagine you’re sitting on the couch, flipping through the channels, sighing in disappointment as you’re bombarded with reruns, scripted “reality” shows, and just bad quality television. Now imagine you’re lounging in front of your computer, laughing your head off as someone tells you the most embarrassing story of their childhood, pulls a prank on their significant other or does literally anything you can think of. This is some of what YouTube has to offer, and these are some reasons why it’s better than TV.

First off, you can find a video of almost anything you want to watch. Seriously, there are millions and millions of videos on YouTube. There are so many that it would be physically impossible to watch every video ever uploaded. So you have the choice to watch videos about emotional LGBT+ coming outs, gamers screaming like a banshee or beauty gurus giving you their best tips on contour. There’s an option for everyone — you just have to look. There’s almost no limit to what you can find (as long as the creators follow the YouTube guidelines), so it’s very easy to come across a creator with similar interests or someone who could be a role model to less represented groups in today’s media.

One of the biggest reasons why I like YouTube is because of the wide range of diversity it offers. When switching on the tv, there’s mainly traditionally beautiful straight white people decorating the screen. There’s a mold that TV shows seem to think are the only things that people want to see. The problem is, most people don’t fit into these molds that Hollywood sets. On YouTube, you get the whole spectrum of people who actually seem, real, I guess. I think that this is one of the best advantages of YouTube because it allows for people to see someone who’s like them on their screen. Anyone who feels like they’re underrepresented in today’s media should head over to YouTube. There’s a very good chance that they’d be able to find a creator who they just connect with. Especially since many people who start making YouTube videos feel that they’re under represented in today’s world, so they make videos for those who feel like them.

On YouTube, you can go watch their videos and give them a thumbs up. Which means you’re supporting and showing you appreciate them making videos for their viewers. Also, many channels put ads on their videos, and even though they can seem annoying, if you watch them, you can help the creators make money. The ads are skippable, but if you don’t, it  just feels good, knowing that you are directly helping someone make money. And who doesn’t want to feel good?

All in all, Youtube is a place for everyone. It’s a place where people can feel connected to complete strangers and find their own little niche. There’s videos for everything ranging from terrifying to adorable. So I highly suggest to just go search something, you never know, maybe it’ll inspire you to do something.