Biggest time wasting apps


Injustice: Gods Among Us is a jammed-packed game full of the best heroes in the DC universe. The huge campaign gets very difficult and takes a long time, but stays fun the whole way through. The characters are ranked in bronze, silver and gold order with different versions of each character with different abilities based on their rank. Their damage-per-hit and health improve the more you level them up. Collect your favorite superheros and villains, level them up to be the ultimate team for multiplayer. The multiplayer works in seasons — you earn points for beating matches and then get ranked based on the points you have. At the end of each week, your points are reset, and you’re rewarded based upon your ranking.


The game also has special challenge characters; you have to fight through a lot of matches to earn the special card, but it’s usually worth the effort. To play in any battle, it costs energy which can be quite annoying. If you run out of energy, you have to wait until it charges back up. This limits your playing time, but makes you come back when it finally refuels. The best types of games are ones where there is a lot to do and buy, so you have a reason to keep playing. With endless amounts of matches and new characters every month, the game stays fresh and fun every time you play.


Drive Ahead

Drive Ahead is a last-man-standing type of game where you get different classes of cars to use on different courses.  It has tons of cars to collect and helmets to wear. To earn these, there is a slot machine that uses coins you collect from playing. But the more you use the slot machine the harder it is to win. If you put in enough time to beat all the challenges, there is nothing else to do. I personally beat the challenges and won most of the cars and masks. I very much enjoyed the game when it was fresh, but it definitely stales very quickly. I don’t think it was made to bring you months of fun, but if you’re looking for something to do when you’re bored then you should look into this game.

Tomb of the Mask

The addictive fast pace of this game will get you stuck for weeks trying to get the highest score possible. The more you play, the more addicting it gets. As fun as it is, the difficulty of this game makes you hate everything about it, but makes you play game after game after game. It has different masks for your character that give you different abilities. You can get these by buying them or spinning the wheel for fewer coins. You also have abilities you can upgrade with coins from playing. If you upgrade these as much as possible, it makes the game a lot easier. Sadly, once you master the game and get a score even you can’t beat again, the game gets extremely boring