New restaurant lives up to the endless hype

Amanda Goldsmith

Lines of white Jeeps and Range Rovers crowded the parking lot. Inside the restaurant, Vineyard Vines and Birkenstocks dressed each teenage girl as I waited in a seemingly never-ending line to reach the cashier. Finally, I was able to order. This is what I first experienced in the new Blenders and Bowls that just opened a couple weeks ago in Westlake. Although terrifyingly pretentious, this new hip restaurant might be worth all the hype.

For those who are unfamiliar with Blenders and Bowls, it is a unique restaurant that specializes in smoothies and acai bowls. Acai is a Brazilian fruit that is rich in antioxidants and tastes similar to a blueberry. Blenders and Bowls first opened on East Fourth Street, but has now added another local location right next to the well-known Texas Honey Ham. I figured, being a white girl in Westlake, I might as well embrace my culture and go try it out.

Walking in, I could tell this was a local restaurant. With white walls and blue and wood accents, this place fit in perfectly to the “Westlake” stereotype. The only customers I saw were high school girls either with their friends or parents, and ironically I fit right in. The workers there were all young, and I even knew a couple of them from school. They all wore purple Blenders and Bowls T-shirts and, although it was casual, it worked perfectly with the vibe of the rest of the place.

When I got to the register, I decided to get the classic acai bowl called The O.G. It was basically a strawberry banana smoothie with acai and topped with granola, honey and fruit. I got a small which made my total come out to about $7.50, which is a little expensive for just a smoothie in a bowl. Other than being a little pricey, the menu has some very unique acai bowls that were just too daring for me to try, especially for my first time. One acai bowl for the truly adventurous contained both avocado and spinach, which was a hard pass for me.

The little Beats Pill they had plugged into an outlet provided music for the whole place, and even though it was a little sad, due to them not having real speakers, it created a more homey feel. The wait wasn’t too long, and when I got my bowl I now understood the many Snapchat stories I had seen about this restaurant. My bowl was perfectly lined with strawberries and bananas, and the little blue spoon I chose to put in it made even me want to post on social media. I however did not succumb to the pressure to post my meal. No matter how pretty it looked.

After a while, I finally finished my slightly pricy bowl, but in the end, I was humbly satisfied. The O.G. was probably the perfect bowl for me because I am such a picky eater. Overall, the bowl was very unique and wasn’t like any other smoothie I’ve had before. I definitely plan on going back there again, but maybe getting it to-go so I don’t risk being caught in another swarm of girls in Southern Tides and Chacos. If you don’t mind seeing a couple of stereotypical Westlake girls around, then you should stop by Blenders and Bowls and give their one-of-a-kind smoothies a try.