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Matthew Kearney


Cross country

Not committed


Q: How has the season been going so far for you and the team?

A: This season the team’s been doing pretty well. We’ve been training since the summer ended, but our main goal is to make it to the State meet.


Q: Have you thought about college and where you would like to go?

A: I just started the college process. I visited the University of Chicago the other day and loved the campus. It’s a great place. I’m also looking at Stanford and other [Division 1] running programs.


Q: How have your parents supported you in terms of running?

A: They’ve been looking at running camps for me to go to in the summer and different colleges to visit. They’ve signed me up for some of the national races this year so that should be good.


Q: What great memories have you made throughout high school so far?

A: It’s just all the time I’ve been hanging out with the guys. Being a part of a team is really what matters and really what’s going to stick with me.


Sam Ehlinger



Committed to University of Texas


Q: Why did you commit to UT, and what made it stand out?

A: Growing up here and being able to go to the Texas games every week. It’s a family tradition — both my parents went to UT, so it’s kind of a family deal. Having the opportunity to play there is a blessing.


Q: What goals do you want to accomplish in college?

A: Win a National Championship.


Q: What are some of your best memories from high school?

A: Every game with the team, all the guys that I’ve been with, all the best friends that I’ve made are memories that I have and are all the great memories I’ll carry on forever.


Loli Perim



Not Committed


Q: How do you feel you’ve contributed to the team this season?

A: Personally, I’ve done all right. I lost a couple matches that I probably shouldn’t have, but overall we’re doing pretty well, and we’re undefeated. We beat New Braunfels, which was unexpected because we haven’t beat them in a long time.


Q: Have you thought about where you would like to go to college?

A: I was thinking somewhere D1 probably in the west, maybe California. Really any college that comes [to] talk to me and I’ll go visit, look at the campus, and really any college that feels right. But I haven’t started doing that yet.


Q: What are some personal goals for you moving forward?

A: Next season is individual, and I’m not sure if I’m doing individual, but outside of school for the rest of the year I want to be top ten in Texas and just try to play more nationals and get top 60 or top 100 in the nation.


Claire Hahn



Committed to University of Texas


Q: What were some factors for why you chose UT?

A: It was kind of the only school I was looking at. For my position, we usually get recruited later, around junior year, but I was looking at it from my freshman year [and committed in August at the beginning of my sophomore year]. It’s always been my dream school; both my parents went there, and it’s the school that I grew up knowing.


Q: Are there any high school memories that really stick out for you?

A: Last year, that team was a special team. We were a lot closer, and we kind of had a connection that year that I haven’t really had yet in my volleyball career. So all of last year, the small things that we did together, they were really good memories.


Q: How have your parents supported your choice?

A: They both went to UT, and they both played sports, so they’ve always supported me playing. A lot of our good friends play volleyball. The UT coach coached me when I was really young, so we are good family friends with him too.