The Walking Dead’s Season 6 is a dead hit

The Walking Dead’s season six premiered Oct. 11 and it sets a promising tone for the rest of the season. This episode was beautiful and gruesome all at the same moment, and, for one of the first times since season two, the main threat is with the walkers (the most common term used for The Walking Dead’s zombies) and not the threat of the fellow humans.

Instead of walkers, like in season one, humans became more and more of the threat until you almost forgot there were walkers altogether. However, this episode was a heavy dose of walker nostalgia. I couldn’t help but think back to when I first started watching the show. There was the constant underlying fear that a walker was going to pop out and completely ruin my Sunday evening by eating my favorite character. The morbid fascination I held as I watched a shambling walker horde lumber across the highway came back as I watched this bone-chilling episode. It caused more than a few personal flashbacks.

The episode itself held numerous flashbacks, but they were confusing at first, because the show gave no context going in. The flashbacks were easy to distinguish because they were black-and-white. The filming and directing itself was beautiful, but the way the episode was put together left much to be desired.

Even though the way it was configured left me in a jumble of confusion, it was still one of my favorite episodes of the entire show. We got to see new chemistry between characters we never expected to see before this season. This episode also dived into the theme of depression. Yes, we saw it with Beth all the way back in season two, but that wasn’t a central theme. Back then, it was mainly deciding whether or not a character could live in this new world. Here we got to see what would happen when a character had fully accepted the new world and began thinking that nothing was going to change, and therefore he felt there wasn’t anything left to live for. It left me feeling something as well: worry.

All in all, I’m very ecstatic for the rest of this season. I can’t wait to see the new characters as well as the further development of old ones.