Choir takes annual trip to MO Ranch

Kendall Chase

More than 300 students attended the choir’s annual trip to Mo Ranch Sept. 11-13 in Hunt, Texas. The upperclassmen went out Friday night and had a chance to bond through games and squad meetings.

“Finally making it to the top of the totem pole and being able to be the ones that the underclassmen look up to is kind of surreal to me, but it’s something I have waited for all of high school,” senior Stephanie Blais said. “It’s fun to be able to get them treats and prepare Mo Ranch for them.”

They prepared for the underclassmen to come on Saturday morning by making posters and getting together souvenirs to give to each underclassmen squad member. There are 12 squads that the Executive Council organized and the seniors chose themes for. The whole choir gets divided equally into one of the 12 squads and then at Mo Ranch, they hold an event called MOlympics. It is a large competition for the squads to compete in through physical activities and the amount of spirit they have. The chaperones keep scores of each squad, and the squads are given points depending on if they win or not and how loudly they cheer. At the end, Executive Council tallies up the scores and announces the first, second and third place winners at the closing ceremony on Sunday.

“MOlympics is my absolute favorite part and it always has been.”  senior Colin Michael said. “The games, the cheering, the energy, and the people are all a part of what it is. It’s tradition and it’s so cool that we all get to be a part of that. My squad got second place, too, so that rocks.”
Aside from MOlympics and bonding time with squads, the students get to enjoy some free time where they swim at the lake or walk around Mo Ranch or just sit and talk to each other. After MOlympics, there is a big barbecue picnic down by the lake and all of the students, chaperones and directors get together and eat and talk. Later Saturday night, they hold a talent show where any student can participate and sing.

“Mo Ranch this year was especially awesome since I was a senior,” senior Andrew Clement said. “The whole weekend was kind of bittersweet, though, since it was my last time to be there. The most memorable moment by far was when (senior) Catherine Kent fell off of the stage during the talent show.”

The talent show lasted for about two hours and then right after, they held a big dance called Mo Down, where the students dance around and sing. They then have the option to nominate their peers for Mo King, Mo Queen, Mo Flirt and other funny titles. Those winners are announced at the closing ceremony on Sunday morning. On Sunday after the students eat and have their closing ceremony, they ended their trip by singing the traditional, “Lord Bless You and Keep You” all together.