New construction causes parking changes

Administrators are facing a parking dilemma. The school has hit a maximum amount of parking spots available because the former junior lot is under construction and will become the new Westlake Athletic Center.

“We are still in the process of figuring out the last spots — they’re not all completely gone,” assistant principal Michael McKelvy said. “Some of it is people that signed up that didn’t return to school. And there are some that signed up that don’t have their driver’s license. Everyone has to remember we are kind of landlocked.”

An email to sign up for a waiting list went out over the summer from principal Dr. John Carter.  From there, 95 percent of seniors and juniors were able to obtain parking spots. The bottom 5 percent, in addition to sophomores, were not able to purchase any.

McKelvy suggests that students without passes find friends that have parking spots and carpool together.

If another student is parking in an assigned spot, administrators ask that students take a picture of the license plate, park in one of the 25 visitor spots and let the AP office know so that the car can be moved.

McKelvy said construction on the WAC should be complete by the spring semester. At that time, parking will be reassessed because temporary spots will be available in the WAC lot.

“Part of [sophomore parking] will depend on how many spots we have,” McKelvy said. “[The factors include whether or not] the temporary spots stay, and if other construction projects go on in that lot. I don’t have an answer for sophomores yet, but I might have an answer next semester.’’

The facility will have basketball and volleyball courts and a 60-yard practice field. It will be used by the students during school hours and used as a community center off school hours, generating funds for the district.

“Once [the new construction] is built it will be so worth it,” senior Colleen Pletcher said. “They’re building a lot of new things and it’s going to give the school a lot of money. It’s gonna offer the sports a new place to practice.”