It’s time for new app-ortunities

As children of the technological age, we were born into a great time of app-ortunity. We often hear the saying, “There’s an app for that,” but what about the things that there aren’t apps for yet?

“What’s that cat?” The first of our app ideas is for the cat lovers out there.This app is for when you’re out and about, you see a cat and you have to know more. Just aim your camera at the cat and the app will search through the extensive online database and identify that adorable cat! The app would instantly be able to tell you the breed(s) of the cat. All those curious cat lovers out there can find their answers. Instant feline knowledge right at your fingertips.

“Somebunny” This next app is for when you’re feeling down. You log on, pick a bunny and one will be there in just a few minutes to comfort you. With the touch of a couple buttons you could be holding a bunny in the near future! Everyone needs bunny cuddles in their life at some point and this app would provide that at a low rate.

“Snap and Match,” With this app no one would ever have the problem of not knowing what to wear. Once you scan your items of clothing into it, the app would instantly start making outfits. The app would allow you to be able to match clothes you find online with the clothes already in your closet. When shopping online, if you want to know if you have something to match that cute top, you wouldn’t need to look any further than “Snap and Match.”

Has it gotten to difficult to lay your head down at night and fall asleep, so much that it has lead to dark circles under your eyes and constant yawning? Well, not anymore! With this app, you can put your worries to rest. “Light Lullaby” allows you to download a variety of animals, shapes and mixes of color lights to project onto your ceiling. You can watch it until you fall asleep at night. No more worries about losing sleep!

Have you ever just been scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch only to realize with horror that you’ve seen everything that looks good? “Netflix+” would be an app that transforms the way you watch, making every aspect of Netflix better. The app would be split into three parts — the randomizer, the cleaner and the to-do list. The randomizer is pretty self-explanatory, it would randomly select a movie or tv show for you to watch. The cleaner would put all of your already fully watched programs into a separate folder as to “clean out” your account and suggest new things to watch. The to-do list would be for when you have only a certain amount of time to watch Netflix, you would put your shows in and they would play on a playlist until your time is up.