Top five plays of the Westlake vs. Southlake game

Drew Brown

5: Botched long snap to punter/cornerback senior Ryan Reese saved by last second punt.

Fourth and 10, a long snap goes over Reese’s head onto Westlake’s own 15-yard line. Scrambling for the ball, Reese picks it up just before a Southlake player falls at his feet. With a last second punt, Reese sends the ball 40 yards down the field before being tackled. A critical play for Reese as he potentially saved a catastrophic Southlake touchdown.

4: Linebacker junior Levi Jones forced fumble off Southlake quarterback Montana Murphy.

As Montana rolls out of the scrum, he fades to his left to look for a downfield receiver. However, all Montana gets is Levi tackling him from his right side to strip the ball out of Montana’s passing hand. Linebacker senior Bryce Boisvert recovers the ball for a 1st and goal in the second quarter.

3: Quarterback junior Sam Ehlinger’s 30-yard hook-up to receiver senior Chase Cokley.

Sam drops back immediately after the snap. Looking down the right side of the field, he sends a bomb for Chase. Thirty yards past the line of scrimmage, Chase catches the pass in the air against a four star cornerback to take the Chaps to a future touchdown.

2: Sam’s Johnny Manziel-esque 25-yard pass to receiver senior Noah Hodes.

Rushed by the opposing defense, Sam manages to slide, juke, duck, dive and evade four Southlake players. After stepping out of the final attempted tackle, Sam sends a heater to Noah for a 25-yard gain on the Chaps sideline.

1: Ryan swatting away the final pass from Montana to Southlake running back Lil’ Jordan Humphrey to potentially win the game.

On none other than Ryan’s birthday, he is given the chance to make or break the final play of the game. With the game at 20-14, and Southlake on a second and goal, the tension could not have been higher. Montana dropped back into the pocket to send a quick prayer of a ball to Lil’ Jordan in hope of a winning touchdown. Falling back with Lil’ Jordan, Ryan jumps last second and manages to get his hand on the ball to swat away the final pass and make Westlake the first team to beat Southlake in a regular season game in two years.