The phenomenon of Donald Trump

Conor O'Bryon

Turn on the news. Through 24 hour cycles, one person constantly appears — the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump. It may be a new poll, but you can bet that it is probably a new quote that keeps the billionaire real-estate mogul on the news 24/7. Which may be his strategy. The more publicity he gets, the more people pay attention to him and support him because they recognize his name. A good strategy, but in this case, Trump doesn’t mind if it is positive or negative publicity.

While other Republican candidates trade places in the rankings, Trump has maintained a solid lead throughout. In various polls, he ranks in the mid- to high-20s, while other candidates hover in the teens or single digits. How is this possible? How has a person who previously had semi-democratic leanings suddenly rocketed to the top Republican choice at this stage for 2016?

With Trump leading, other candidates have been pushed out of the spotlight. It would seem like now would be the time for non-frontrunner candidates to drop out, such as the candidates that didn’t qualify for the main debates, and other low-ranking candidates, such as Rand Paul. Once the field is cleared, Republican voters might get a better picture of who could really be the top choices.

Which makes one wonder, how serious is Trump? Will he see this through to the end? Or will he lose his base of support closer to the nomination? There are a few things that should be considered before one jumps on the apparent bandwagon of Trump supporters.

Trump has been quoted as saying he will round up all illegal immigrants, deport them, then build a wall across the entire U.S.-Mexico border, and make Mexico pay for it. First off, rounding up all illegal immigrants would be a logistical nightmare. Second, one should consider what Trump is really saying. There is a whole humanitarian and moral side to this issue, and one should not think about illegal immigrants as just statistics. Are we going to round up families, grandparents, and kids and throw them back into Mexico? A wall might be a good idea to increase America’s control of the southern border, but mass deportation seems like a knee-jerk reaction that would most likely turn into disruptive policy disaster.

And how would Trump react to problems around the globe? Will he come in guns blazing when something irks him? He seems to do that a lot in his verbal attacks. He definitely enjoys not being “politically correct.” He will say what’s on his mind, and there has been backlash from some of his more tasteless comments. There is no problem speaking your mind, but you can at least make an effort to be polite and gentlemanly about it. The world isn’t New York; different places tolerate different attitudes and politeness. Bad-mouthing our allies won’t get us anywhere. Especially when you severely offend them. The whole “be diplomatic” mentality seems to be missing in Donald Trump, and to be President, you need the ability to be diplomatic.

Trump has surprised everyone with his sudden popularity in the polls. Even though he has been extremely successful in his real-estate endeavors, politics might not be his forte. While we can’t see into the future, one might want to consider a country under the leadership of Donald Trump. Will the future of our country be secure? Or will we lose even more of our international leadership and credibility? It’s something to think about before the Republican primaries.