Proud Texan senior prepares to say goodbye

Nikki Humble

Dear Texas,

In my 18 years of life, I have lived nowhere else but in this glorious state. So imagine my surprise when I found myself looking eastward for a college experience. The universities in this great state are plentiful and influential, but I could not see myself in any of them, so I am departing from the homeland in August. I am truly blessed to be heading to the University of Arkansas next fall, but there are a couple of things I will miss greatly while I call the hogs home in Fayetteville.

The chief thing I will miss is the wonderfully inconstant weather. Living in hot, muggy tropics one day and cold, windy tundras the next has taught me to always be on my toes. And the lack of consistency has become a charm in its own way for me — as much as I may bemoan it when it is 105 and heavy with the pre-rain humidity. Thank you Mother Nature and your wild ways.

The next thing I would be remiss without mentioning: Texas Honey Ham Company. While this is specific to the Austin-Westlake area, I feel it is a staple that I need to discuss. As many know, I frequent the joint at least once or twice a week and have become accustomed to a certain style of food that is uniquely Texan: the breakfast taco. Many times in my high school career this panacea has saved me on mornings where I feel incapacitated from stress and lack of sleep, and to Honey Ham, I am forever grateful.

The final thing I will miss is being able to say my state flag is the only flag that can fly at the same height as the American flag. Need I say more? It is just too bad ass not to mention.

Yours truly,

Nicole Marie Humble