Mentorship class opens doors for upperclassmen  

Kathryn Revelle

From engineering, to circus performance, to fashion design— mentorship has allowed students to choose and explore a variety of career fields. Through the class, students have mentors whom they visit every week. Mentorship also includes several projects and a final presentation meant to reflect and share the students’ experiences with teacher Chelsee Capezzuti.

Senior Katie Kimery was in mentorship for two semesters and experienced two very different career fields. First semester, she studied under a general surgeon and then second semester under a law firm.

“[Mentorship] gives you real life experiences,” Katie said. “You could have your mind set on being a doctor, but when you go into surgery and you see how difficult it is, you might change your mind. It can help you in the long run by narrowing down your options of majors and jobs, or it could do the opposite. Mentorship opens up your eyes to so many possibilities.”

Senior Jessica Coelho was able to mentor with a local OBGYN. Jessica plans on majoring in pre-med at Texas A&M University.

“I loved the relationship I had with my mentor,” Jessica said. “Mentoring with a doctor can be intimidating at times, but she was so personable and easy to talk to. She almost felt like a mom or good friend. She gave me great insight into the medical field.”

Jessica would recommend mentorship to underclassmen because of the unique experiences and opportunities.

“Mentorship is a great class if you are undecided about a certain field or want to explore further options,” Jessica said. “You also form connections with people you spend time with at your mentor’s place of work, which could be helpful if you need a job or an internship.”