Student shares his love for underrated movie

Jack Wallace

When you ask most teenagers today what their favorite Disney movie is, they will most likely say The Lion King, Mulan or some other mainstream film from the ‘90s. But I’m here to offer a different opinion. I present to you the most underrated Disney film ever: Treasure Planet.

Treasure Planet is, as precisely as I can say, Treasure Island brought to the steampunk age. Building upon the original’s plot line, our protagonist, a mischievous delinquent with daddy issues voiced lovingly by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, gets wrapped up with a nasty group of space pirates to uncover a massive planet made out of (you guessed it) treasure. The movie manages to create a genuinely sympathetic antagonist (a complex cyborg named John Silver) and includes likeable side characters such as the adorable robot companion that our hero encounters or the childish blob, Morph. Overall, because Treasure Planet was built upon a classic, it immediately became one of the best and most tasteful animations ever.

Speaking of animation, while Treasure Planet appears just a tad bit dated for it’s time, it still holds up fairly well today. In the 2000s, however, they were nothing but awesome; giant spaceships zoomed across galaxies in astounding graphics. Treasure Planet took bold steps at the time by combining 2D-drawn animations on top of 3D CGI, producing something entirely unique compared to prior Disney films. Even now, they still retain some of their magic.

When it comes down to it, Treasure Planet is a must watch. There’s honestly nothing more I can say about this film without spoiling this amazing experience. Put aside your beloved Lion King and pick up this movie. It will be well worth your time.