Do you know the real Epicosity?

Sage Sutton and Cooper Kerbow


Everyone loves coming home and lying in bed knowing they have no assignments due the next day. Thank Teen Teachers and their program, known as Epicosity. Teen Teaching supports the student body by sponsoring activities such as no-homework nights, movie nights, live music lunches and dances, among other things.

“High school kids have enough stress, and taking one night off or a weekend of no homework is important,” Teen Teaching teacher Jordan Johnston said.

Epicosity’s most-known movement is the no-homework night, but there’s much more to it. Behind the scenes are many students working hard to make improvements to the campus.

Epicosity was started several years ago to relieve students from the harsh stress of their APs and other school-related activities. This process took a while to integrate into Westlake’s curriculum.

“I think Epicosity has really done what it has set out to do,” Johnston said.  “Now it’s more about creating an atmosphere of fun and less stress on campus.”

Epicosity is also behind all the surprises that occur around the school. The members of Teen Teaching gladly hand out candy and Rita’s, all while supporting the students of Westlake.

“I think my favorite [surprise] was the popsicles before spring break,” Teen Teacher senior Sarah Cullers said. “It was really fun for us because we just got to hang out in the Commons and pass out popsicles, listen to music and limbo. Nobody was really expecting it because we didn’t talk about it until that day. I think for everyone else it was a pleasant surprise and reward.”

Students in Teen Teaching have developed great relationships with one another through their many planned activities.

“Epicosity has been a really cool opportunity for me and the good thing about Epicosity is the class’s mix of juniors and seniors in Teen Teaching,” Sarah said. “Last year it was a really cool chance for me to meet some awesome role models and then this year incorporating what they did last year into how we treat the juniors and just building that bond.”