Buzzfeed’s ‘33 reasons why Ryan Gosling is a total bae’ wins Pulitzer Prize

Michael Wiggin

Recognized for its high literary excellence and creativity, Buzzfeed’s “33 Reasons Why Ryan Gosling Is A Total Bae” has won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing.

“Nowhere is the essence of journalistic longevity and ingenuity more recognizable than in this insightful list that definitively proves Ryan Gosling is totally hawt,” feature writing judge Chelsea Richardson said. “It truly captures the integrity of journalism that the Pulitzer Prize was founded on.”

In many ways, judges feel that the Pulitzer Prize is unworthy of decorating such distinguishable writing that the author claims to have taken an entire 13 minutes to write.

“Even when you fail to consider the brilliance of the content, it’s perhaps the dedication that truly captivated us,” Richardson said. “By copying pictures off the internet, the author clearly displays the passion and fortitude found in only the most momentous pieces of literature, one requiring a degree of mental investigation that resembles a third grader figuring out his favorite superhero.”
Despite a definite winner, the judges were obliged to point out the impressive competition within their category.

“We would simply be amiss if we did not point out the honorable mentions, such as “The 17 Curses of Hot Pockets” or “The 58 Greatest Benefits of Being a ‘90s kid,” Richardson said. “These are remarkable feats in their own right, however they just couldn’t reach that caliber of writing that took home the gravy.”

The judges agree these modern classics reassure them of modern-journalism’s profound standards.
“With the art of journalism evolving rapidly, it’s easy to lose faith in the quality of the literary arts, but after such an impressive line-up last year, the future of journalism is brighter, and sexier, than ever,” Richardson said. “If we can surround ourselves with such intelligent masterpieces, we’re in good hands.”