Spring with a dash of pep rally

Arfa Momin

It’s all fun and games until you whip out a sumo suit. The last pep rally of the school year on Feb. 27 included a tribute to spring sports and UIL academics.

“This pep rally was fun to go to since we haven’t had one in a while,” sophomore Daniel Gross said. “I’m glad the sports with less attention got recognized. Seeing Mr.[Hunter] Ruffin demolish Dr. [John] Carter in a sumo suit was hilarious. Overall it was exciting, and the band played [well], as always.”

Leading up to the sumo wrestling match at the pep rally, two mini matches took place in the commons during passing periods. Participating in mini match were Dr. Carter vs. Kyle Cowan, and Lichy Chang vs. Ruffin. The two surviving participants who wrestled in the pep rally were Dr. Carter and Ruffin. Ruffin won two out of three rounds, and was named champion.

“I’m not a big fan of pep rallies,” freshman Harrison Kenney said. “The main reason I went was for the sumo wrestling. It’s really funny seeing your teachers in a sumo suit.”

In total, Westlake raised more than Student Council’s $10,000 goal, making it possible for Mobile Loaves & Fishes to help build more homes for the homeless. Without everyone’s contribution, reaching this goal would have been close to impossible.

“I’m really happy that the charity approached us with this opportunity, “Student Council president senior Will Furst said. “Going out to the community was so rewarding because I got to see the real impact that we have made and some of the people whom we have helped. I also really love that the Westlake community was so willing to help those who need it.”