Zenith tickets now sold online

This year, for the first time, tickets to the Zenith performances will be sold online. In the past, tickets have been on sale in the Chap Court and PAC, but Ron Olfers, father of Hyline member sophomore Madison Olfers, has created a new website, www.whszenith.com, to make the process of purchasing tickets much easier and more efficient.

“The reason [that I made the website] is that there were people I talked to that were not sure how to buy Zenith tickets previously,” Olfers said. “They had to be at school in the Chap Court at a particular time. With the website, that is eliminated.”

Now anyone can buy a ticket for Zenith at any time and in any location, as long as there is access to a printer. Additionally, tickets can be bought using a credit or debit card which eliminates the risk of a student forgetting to bring money or losing the money or tickets between school and home. Tickets will go on sale beginning March 29 for $18 per ticket.

2015 marks the 45th Anniversary of Hyline, which ties into Zenith’s theme “Reel: A Hyline Documentary.” The show, set for April 23-25, not only features Hyline and other Westlake dance groups such as Starsteppers and Dance 1 and 2, but also performances by many other musical, instrumental and theatrical groups. Olfers is very excited to promote the event and hopes that Zenith becomes more popular through his website.

“Zenith is a fantastic event that showcases all the wonderful dancing talent at Westlake, but there are lots of amazing artists there as well,” Olfers said. “The choir, singers, instrumentalists and cheerleaders all have amazing talents on display. And who could forget about Gyline! I see this site as one that can be used year after year to inform and involve the community who may have never attended an event at the Westlake Performing Arts Center. I hope Zenith will become a community-wide event that will be on the ‘must see’ list for years to come.”