Drake drops surprise album

Nikki Humble

By now I think we are all aware that Drake dropped an album unannounced à la Beyoncé on Feb. 13. I wasn’t sure what to expect then, but all I know now is that If Youre Reading This Its Too Late [sic] is eloquent. The whole compilation flows, much like a rhetorical speech. Tracks like “Jungle” or “Legend” are, despite being slow, full of life and electricity that warm the soul. In “Jungle,” Drake sings with a wistful voice that brings you into the same realm of sadness as him. Yet, the song seems to literally be bouncing with the beat as you begin your existential crisis. “Are we still good? Are we still good?” Drake asks his ex-lover over and over. You can feel this unbearable remorse slither into your soul as the beat continues its waves of sorrow. Then there are tracks like “6 Man” that carry the same electricity, but its flows are faster and less melancholic. Put it all together and you have a top-selling album. Job well done, Drake.