Underclassmen move into senior parking spots

At the start of 2015, some sophomores and juniors traded in their Ben Hurr parking passes for senior lot passes. With the new sports complex in the planning phase, the administration was proactive, deciding to move a good portion of underclassmen into the senior lots in anticipation of breaking ground.

“We couldn’t leave any space open [in the senior lots] just in case we came back this semester and the [Ben Hurr] lot was going to be closed,” assistant principal Michael McKelvy said. “So in anticipation of us losing some parking, about 75 students were moved down to utilize and fill in the empty spots.”

The school board is meeting at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 28 at the administrative building’s board room to discuss the sports complex and the timeline for the construction.

“Part of the thought behind starting the construction during the school year was so that the sports complex would be built before next [school] year starts,” McKelvy said. “We’re hoping we won’t still have this parking issue rolling into the next school year.”

Although there have been complaints from students and parents about the underclassmen parking in the senior lots, according to McKelvy, there are enough spots for all permitted drivers. The problems occur when non-permitted students or visitors park in the senior lots.
“I wish we had enough parking for every student right around the campus,” McKelvy said. “It’s just the way the school is laid out. We’re landlocked and don’t have much room to grow, but we’re working on it.”