Students reveal the amount of time spent on binge watching

Binge watching TV show series can consist of two-six episodes at a time. Netflix is known as the best source for binge watching. With its various shows and unlimited streaming, it’s Netflix for the win.

Sophomore Ali Trevino is intrigued by many shows such as Gossip Girl and Psych. She watches about six episodes of Gossip Girl every day.
“The show is pretty much my guilty pleasure. It’s super dramatic and cheesy; I love that kind of stuff,” Ali said.

Freshman Ty Bock has a mini obsession with Gossip Girl, finishing all six seasons in less than a month.

“I watch at least six episodes a night, sometimes even 11 episodes,” Ty said.

“I’m an addict; I usually stay up ‘til 12 watching Netflix and doing homework.To be real, Gossip Girl is a really good show, no matter what anyone says. It’s so dramatic and I love watching it.”

Junior Robert Johnson tries to limit himself from watching television for a long period of time.

“I try to avoid binge watching, but at times I’ll watch some Sci-Fi to let time pass,” Robert said.

Although Senior Taylor Ruthven doesn’t consider herself a binge watcher, she still makes time to squeeze in a couple of shows every now and then.

“I usually watch at least two episodes of a TV show every night, and right now I’m watching Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars a lot,” Taylor said. “One of my favorite shows of all time is How I Met Your Mother because every episode is funny and there are so many episodes to watch.”