American Beauty/ American Psycho: Expect an increase in teenage rebellion

Emily Sheffield

Having been a Fall Out Boy fan for a good five years or so, I have been eagerly awaiting their new album ever since the release of Save Rock and Roll in early 2013. The anticipation has me counting down the days until the release of their new pop rock record, American Beauty/ American Psycho. The full album is expected to be available to the public on Jan. 20.

After the thrilling single “Centuries,” which acts as the band’s mission statement, “American Beauty/ American Psycho,” sets the stage for the band’s sixth studio album. Full of fearlessly straightforward lyrics with “wicked wordplay,” the band works hard to include pop culture ideals with the essence of beloved rock ‘n’ roll mantras.

“The Kids Aren’t Alright” brings more to the table than just a catchy chorus. Its soulful and melancholy lyrics had me swaying and singing along since day one. “Irresistible,” on the other hand, brings with it the urge to pump your fists in the air and break some rules as you immerse yourself in the voice of lead vocalist Patrick Stump, which is nicely complemented by the songs’ trumpet-like introduction.

Overall, based on only the five songs already released from the album, I think it’s safe to say all Fall Out Boy fans will be extremely pleased with American Beauty/ American Psycho. I know I am.