Choir to present Shrek the Musical

Nikki Lyssy

The choir department will perform its annual musical, Shrek the Musical, at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 5-7 in the Performing Arts Center. Featuring Shrek, his trusty sidekick Donkey, Princess Fiona and a host of fairtytale creatures, it will be a show to remember. About 250 students will be performing.

Senior Joseph Richard, cast as Shrek, is excited for the audience to get a glimpse into the ogre’s life and personality.

“I think they’ll love the fact that he’s big and scary and he’s been hurt all his life, but he’s got this likeability about him,” Joseph said. “He’s more teddy bear than grizzly bear.”
Joseph has worked hard to ensure that the role is accurate.

“The Scottish accent wasn’t exactly easy, but the most challenging part was learning how to consistently hit the high notes in the bigger songs,” Joseph said.
Junior Taylor Thomas is excited to play the role of Princess Fiona.

“She’s such a lovable character, and it’s very easy to find bits of myself in her,” Taylor said. “She’s a lot of fun to play.”

Taylor is excited about how deep into Fiona’s character the musical allows her to go.

“In the animated version,we don’t really see much of Fiona,” Taylor said. “I like how it goes more into her story and how she feels about the whole thing [in the musical].”
Taylor can’t wait for the audience to see a musical that most know as an animated movie.

“A lot of people have seen the cartoon, and I think they’re excited to see that brought to life onstage, but they have no idea what to expect,” Taylor said.
Directors Ed Snouffer, Jenn Goodner and Steve Sifner were inflenced to display Shrek because of the size the choir has grown to.

“We were looking for something to feature our very many talented students in our program,” Goodner said. “Shrek offered so many differennt opportunities to showcase talents of many different students.”

Goodner said she believes the show will be embraced by all ages.

“Shrek offers a lot for every different age group,” Goodner said. “It’s funny for teenagers and adults in a different way than it’s funny for elementary-school children. It has a little something for everybody.”

Tickets cost $18 and go on sale Feb. 2. They can be purchased in the Chap Court during lunches.