Annual Jam Fest to be held, supports EEF

Alexis Huynh and ZZ Lundburg

At 1 p.m on Jan 18 at The Belmont hotel, the eighth annual Jam Fest will take place. Jam Fest is a youth concert that benefits the Eanes Education Foundation. Tickets are $5 in advance and $6 at the door. Drinks will be offered and all proceeds go towards EEF. Jam Fest was founded by orthodontist Dr. Randy Kunik in 2008 and is sponsored by Guitar Center South Austin and Band Aid School of Music.

“When Randy Kunik, a Westlake orthodontist who also sat on the board of the EEF, wanted to build an appreciation party for his patients with a charity element, he came to me to produce the event,” Band Aid School of Music director James Mays said. “He knew that I created SXSW underage, as a producer of SXSW, and that I also created The Kids Are Alright Fest, and produced the nations biggest teen band contest called School Jam USA.”

Jam Fest creates opportunities for each person and band to give back to their community through music.

“We started [Jam Fest] eight years ago and Jam Fest is getting stronger each year,” Mays said. “The real heart of Jam Fest is to provide a platform for young artists and bands to sharpen their creative and music business skills.”

Alongside being able to play a live gig for hundreds of people, Jam Fest also provides the performers with exposure to other music artists and producers.

“Jam Fest was the very first live gig for a band called Residual Kid, who just signed a record deal with Sire Records,” Mays said. “I’m excited to see what the artists performing this Sunday will do in the future!”

Five Westlake bands will be featured at Jam Fest: Iconoclasm, Blue Tongue, A Gentleman’s Cup of Tea, Skyline and Big Wy’s Brass Band. The winner of Jam Fest will be announced after the judges deliberate while last year’s winning band, Room 24, performs. Awards will be given from 5:10 to 5:20.

“As long as the sound system sounds as good as we’ve been told, I think Iconoclasm is going to give The Belmont a good thrashin’,” lead singer and guitarist of Iconoclasm, senior Cameron Fisher, said.

For more information, visit Jam Fest’s facebook page at

2015 Lineup

1:00-1:15 Iconoclasm

1:20-1:35 Blue Tongue

1:40-1:55 Stealth Chopper

2:00-2:15 Mango Rehab

2:20-2:35 Sophie Werkenthin

2:40-2:55 Every Other Weekend

3:00-3:15 Bluster

3:20-3:35 A Gentleman’s Cup of Tea

3:40-3:55 Big Wy’s Brass Band

4:00-4:15 Black Apples

4:20-4:25 Skyline

4:30-5:00 Room 24 (last years victor plays while judges deliberate)