Lead counselor Jeff Pilchiek retires

Michael Wiggin

After serving in education for 30 years, former lead counselor Jeff Pilchiek retired at the end of December. While students who built personal relationships with Pilchiek will need some time to adjust, the repercussions of his absence are expected to be negligible.

“We’ve evenly divided Mr. Pilchiek’s students among the other counselors so any displaced students will be getting the same services as before,” student guidance counselor Heidi Sauer said. “This is a one semester only problem, so our solution only needs to get us through the year.”

This temporary settlement will remain until a permanent counselor is hired to replace Pilchiek.

“Typically we don’t like to post for jobs mid-year because we often don’t get as good a pool of applicants,” Sauer said. “[By waiting until the end of the school year] we will be able to pick someone who can fit in here and take over the mantle of being a lead counselor for Westlake High School.”

In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, counselors encourage any students seeking help to stop on by.

“If students have any concerns, whether it be about school, something personal or something college related, then please come on down,” Sauer said. “No matter who your assigned counselor is, we’re always ready to help.”

The following counselors have been put in charge of handling Pilchiek’s former students. This list is also available at the reception desk in the counselor’s office.

Cary Broderick: Last Names – VE-WA
Eric Jackelen: Last Names – WE-WH
Teri Ochoa: Last Names – WIA-WIL
Andrea Clifton: Last Names – WIM-WY
Debbie Choate: Last Names – Y-Z