Worst superheroes receive follow-up, worst super villains enter the scene

Jack Wallace

For every hero there is always a villain lurking in the shadows. So, it was necessary for me to write a follow-up on my worst superheroes article: the worst villains known to mankind. And boy, if you thought THOSE superheroes were lame, wait till you see these quacks …

1. Turner D. Century (first appearance: Spider-Woman #33)

turner d century

Turner D. Century is literally nothing more than a disgruntled old man. Like, that’s it. To vent his frustration over the new-fangled manners and values of today, ‘ol Turner decided that going on a crime rampage was clearly the best option. Oh, and he also has a flying bicycle. Terrifying.

2. Egg Fu (first appearance: Wonder Woman #157)


Of all the super villains I have researched, this… guy? Can I even call him male at this point? Anyway, he’s easily the most racist character I have ever seen. And for some horrible reason DC writers thought, “You know what this character needs, Bob? He needs to be an egg. And fight people with his mustache. Golly, we’re so smart.” I swear I am not making any of his details up. He still survives today, but DC finally learned that maybe he was just a tad bit racist and toned him down a bit.

3. Rainbow Raider (first appearance: The Flash vol. 1 #286)

rainbow raiders

Roy G. Bivolo (get it?) has the superpower of shooting rainbows at people. Yeah. Upset by his inability to paint due to him being colorblind, Roy takes to the crime life (like Turner) to release his anger on mankind. Roy’s rainbows have the potential to change someone’s emotions or drain the color out of someone, making them tired. But he uses these powers to such a lame extent. He drains the Flash’s color, making the flash slightly slower in kicking his butt. Surprisingly, Roy is still around today, even in the upcoming show about the Flash.

4. Kite Man (first appearance: Batman vol. 1 #133)


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No … it’s Kite Man. Charles Brown appeared in the Silver Age of Comics armed with an arsenal of kite-related weapons and a giant kite to terrorize the city. While this is already atrocious by itself, it’s even cringeier considering that Batman decided that the ONLY way to fight this winged menace was to make a kite himself and fly it. You know a villain is bad when they make the superhero look pathetic.

5. Sportsmaster (first appearance: All-American Comics #85)


Sportsmaster is on this list solely because every crime he commits has to involve sports. He surprisingly, however, has a good reason for these antics: his dad exposed him to far too many chemicals to turn him into the best athlete alive. These chemicals, while raising him up to the level of an Olympian in his prime, were slowly killing him. He then turns to crime to exact his revenge on the world. Tragic, right? But while he has a sound origin, it’s the way he commits crimes is the doozy. Whenever he feels the need to cause chaos, he’s always got his trusty turbo-powered golf club or rocket skis ready to annoy our heroes.